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Reveals The Secrets To Playing Fast, Up-Tempo…  
From: Quincy Freeman
Monday, 2:30pm

Dear Gospel Musician, 
Are you tired of looking over the shoulders of other musicians to figure out exactly HOW they play so well? Or, you’ve asked other musicians for assistance, but they don’t have time? 
What about feeling uncomfortable playing with musicians whose skill level is more advanced than yours? 
One thing we don’t have these days is a lot of time. Instead of poking around the keyboard trying to figure things out, LET US TEACH YOU! 
We promise this WILL be one of the most beneficial DVD's you’ve seen concerning this style of playing! 
Actually, by far this is the best DVD dedicated to“Shouting Music” as you know by now you just can’t go to a university or local music teacher and learn high praise or Gospel Shouting Music.
Not only is this dvd amazing... but check this out!
NO LONGER will you have to struggle with your playing!
NO LONGER will you have to worry about musicians not showing you!
NO LONGER will you have to figure out how to practice these concepts!

Guess What? Today you get to end the frustration and get more of what you want from your playing? I know your answer is YES, isn’t it? Then let’s get started and we will be here for you every step of the way!
meet the man behind the dvd
Quincy Freeman
Quincy Freeman started Gospel Shouting Music.com because he saw the struggle that musicians were facing trying to find a way to learn this style of music. Typically with Gospel Music in general, a lot of musicians seem to keep their knowledge to themselves or they don’t have the skills to impart their wisdom. Quincy realized that this seems to be an ever growing problem so he started Gospel Shouting Music. He is passionate about helping musicians reach their musical goals of playing gospel music.
Quincy and his team bring a high level of dedication and commitment in teaching Gospel Shouting music specifically, and Gospel music in general, with the 3 Level Training system for the beginner, intermediate and advanced musician. This unique training technique makes sure that no one gets left behind with a focus on building up the saint to bring in the sinner.

Dear Musician don't just take my word for it. I want to show you 
that a lot of awesome people think that this DVD is really good!!!
What People Are Saying About This Incredible DVD...
Blurb from a email .... a MUST SEE"
Review By Thomas Ross
I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like this DVD. It's SUPER, SUPER cool and the more I watch it the more I want to watch it again to learn more! In fact, I am going to start watching it again RIGHT NOW!!!
Another Awesome Blurb...
Review By Robert Johnson
Oh yes!!! I'm pretty sure this is the greatest shout music dvd of all time! There is just NO OTHER DVD that is even half this NICE. I promise...

The content is awesome! I'm a seasoned musician and I was able to take these concepts and apply them right into my music. If your looking to improve your shouting music this is what you need. Stay focused and keep practicing.

Gerod Lyle

This is what I needed. I was about to give up altogether and because of this DVD and the song course you have, now I feel like I'm getting somewhere. Thanks again for all yall do, I appreciate it!

Renard Grissett

I started out singing in the church, and just loved the way the piano sounded. I knew I wanted to learn it, but had no one to teach me. I did a search online and came across many sites. There was something that stood out here. I purchased the dvd and the song bank course and I'm so excited and pleased. Thank you so much! 

Shanice Smith

I remember praying for help to learn how to play. I took classes and even tried learning from other musicians. There was nobody who took the time to give me what I needed. Then I came across GSM and the rest was history. Now its the Lord, my keyboard and I. ALL DAY! 

Tre Williams
What's inside the DVD •
There are some of the most incredible breaks, runs, shouts and chord movements that you are going to learn inside of this DVD. I wanted to show you some of my favorite stuff here!
The top three most important things that you will learn:
  • You will learn how to use various intros, and awesome breaks, along with left & right hand chord movements.
  • You will learn how to play with other musicians during a shouting period and prevent from clashing with each other.  
  • You will learn how to back up a preacher in those high praise times as well as play high praise chord movements.
1. This is where we give you the basics of playing Gospel Shout Music. So if your a beginner we have you covered. Plus some...
3. Most musicians ONLY share these secrets with musicians they play with, but we refuse to hold back...
2. Right here your ready to step it up and take what you already know and spice it up, It's about to get serious...
4. Well let's just keep this our little #1 secret until you get there... Enjoy! 
Your Success Is Important To Me. Let's End The Frustration And Get More Of What You Want From Your Playing. Grab Your Copy TODAY!
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